Philip is a writer, poet, lawyer and activist for freedom and social change

His passion for using the complex ecological and social challenges of our times as a chance to awaken to our highest potential is woven throughout his writing, seminars, courses and consulting work. Philip spends most of his time living among communities that he is part of co-creating in Guatemala and Australia. He loves to garden, write poetry, practice meditation and perform devotional music.

With over 12 years of experience in the construction and renewable energy industries, Philip has spent the last few years traversing continents, living among diverse communities whilst studying permaculture and natural building.

As founder of the Australia Freedom Network and co-founder of the Witheren Heights Project (an off-grid intentional community in South East Queensland, Australia), Philip brings a wealth of legal, construction, and community development expertise to guide his clients through the intricacies of community establishment.

Our services


Building Community Fundamentals

This comprehensive online course is your gateway to mastering the art of community building. You will come away empowered with all the tools and resources to make your community land project a success. You will also join our Project Accelerator with live calls for Q&A with experts and collaborations with other creators.


Discovery call

Philip is available for a free 15 minute discovery call to discuss your project.


Lifeboats of Coherence

A collection of poetry and essays exploring the themes of sovereignty, freedom of expression and how we can use the ecological crises humanity faces as a chance to awaken to our highest potential.


Consulting services

Philip provides consultations to both private individuals and businesses. His expertise ranges from general commercial advice, construction law to "special situations". Recently Philip's work has focused on assisting individuals enforce their privacy rights, maintain their freedoms as well as assisting groups establish off grid/intentional communities.


“Phillip demonstrates a breadth of knowledge and genuine interest in understanding the various aspects of land ownership and models for collective access to land. He is also a breeze to listen to and has the knack for communicating the 'ah ha' moments.”

Jamieson Caldwell

"Phil, thank you so much for holding the seminar on travel exemptions! It's so refreshing and empowering to hear your experience and your tips on optimising applications. Was a bit demoralised after speaking to immigration lawyers, but since connecting with you, it's given me so much hope and encouragement the advice is extremely helpful and I really appreciate the effort you are going through to share that with us! Nothing warms my heart more than people who are passionate about freedom!"

Juleane Chen

"Philip’s seminars and online course was an absolutely amazing resource in helping us navigate the legal landscape while setting up our Birrong Community. We are now very close to buying our land and feel confident that we have a workable plan and legal documents to facilitate our land purchase as well as development of our co-owners’ agreement. It was incredible to find someone likeminded, who has a deep passion for community development, as well as knowledge and skill around the legal frameworks we needed to develop. Most standard lawyers don’t really ‘get ‘ a project like this so it was refreshing to find someone who not only understood what we wanted to achieve, but could also signpost the potential pitfalls legally and guide us towards a positive and rewarding community living experience. If you’re wanting the same, Phil is definitely your guy"

Anthea Falkiner

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